Leo was great to work with and he immediately got what I was looking for in creating my event planning website.  I was sure dreading this project, but Leo made it so easy.  I’m sorry now I took so long to do it!  Thanks, Leo, for bringing me into the 21st century!

Dana Audia


Leo Mazzeo did an excellent job setting up my art website.  He compartmentalized the site into Artwork, Biography, Resume, and press release sections.  It looks great!

Walter S. Bogad


We had asked Leo to do a website for the Robbins-Zust marionettes.  Leo did a great job at a reasonable price.  I was delighted about how the website worked and finally looked.  Leo had done a professional job while being easy to work with.

Rinaldo Del Gallo, III


Dear Leo:

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the redesign you did for our church’s website.  Not only were you sensitive and available during the planning phase, but you were diligent, creative, sensitive and fun to work with once we got down to the brass tacks of turning our concepts into visual stories.  Three things deserve special comment:

  • First, you helped me – as the owner of the website – understand what you needed: text, visuals and a clear story.  You were receptive to my ideas but also clear what can and cannot happen on a website.  Your expertise helped me accomplish my goal of presenting our church as a contemporary community of faith, hope and love.
  • Second, you made yourself available to me throughout the design process both on-line and in person.  Our on-line conversations were productive; and our in-person consultations helped clarify what was needed to move from idea to reality.  I looked forward to all of this – and am grateful.
  • Third, is your artistic ability and technical aptitude:  I wanted a clean, contemporary and engaging website and your artistic and technical prowess were absolutely essential in transforming our website.  As an artist, you know what looks good; as a technician you know how to make it happen in a timely manner.

Both my leadership team at First Church and I are very, very pleased with your high quality and financially reasonable work.  Thank you in spades, Leo.

James Lumsden
First Church of Christ on Park Square


For the longest time I’ve wanted to have a real live artist website.  One that I can ask prospective gallery owners to check out and not be ashamed about the quality.  When arts indie and its owner, Leo Mazzeo, put out this amazing website build offer, I jumped at the chance to get it done!  I’ve worked closely with Leo on several other projects and certainly knew just what to expect.  I like Leo because he’s everything I’m not.  He’s organized, focused, knows his way around a WordPress website and also a little OCD, all of which I believe are essential to be the ‘maven’ of artists’ website developers!  We had a couple of ‘Dottie’s’ meetings where he listened to what I would like my site to look like and with in three weeks of my first website meeting, my website was up and running and getting rave reviews.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend arts indie to build a website for anyone.   All in all it was a great experience.  Only thing is, that at the price I paid, I can’t imagine the deal will last too long, so I’d also recommend getting in touch with Leo as soon as possible.

Scott Taylor