Ghetta Hirsch

Ghetta Hirsch

“When I Paint, I tune into the visual flow before me; reducing it to an arrangement of color waves and forms that evoke movement. As I concentrate, I begin to internalize the painting process to where I am moving mentally within the space I am creating.”

For her landscape work, Hirsch visits a favorite locale, often many times, to build a personal, yet characteristically zeitgeist-like impression of a subject. Her process is reflectively linked en plein air to a scene, and is augmented by visual cues she culls from discerning photographs. From initial impressions, she will determine her direction by meditating on and mediating between different atmospheres and light; after preliminary sketches, the painting begins with color waves of different value and progresses as she ponders and observes further. In smooth layers, the piece develops through intuitively blending, simplifying, and accentuating key tonal and compositional elements. Hirsch aims to translate to canvas the simple pleasure she observes in dynamic compositions and palpable textures.

As a student, Hirsch studied watercolor with an Italian master in France, continued to draw while raising a family, and began oil painting in later years. “I love painting with oils for the richness of the colors and the way the paint covers the canvas voluptuously. My work is inspired and nourished by my passion for the history of art and more precisely for how color, light, and form are expressed in paintings.”

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