Grier Horner

Grier Horner

Grier Horner is a native New Yorker, and a graduate of Brown University.  He is a beneficiary of a 6-month fellowship at Stanford University, studio art courses at Berkshire Community College, a dozen solo shows at art galleries in the Berkshires, one show at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a retrospective at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts in conjunction with his 80th birthday in 2015.  He has also had paintings in shows in Philadelphia, Provincetown, Boston, and Newburyport.

Horner started painting at age 60, and two years later he plunged into art full time when he retired from the Berkshire Eagle.  His career there spanned 32 years – from 1965 to 1997.  He was a reporter, and then the associate editor.  The high point of his life in journalism was being nominated by the Eagle for a Pulitzer Prize for a series of stories he wrote about the death of a 4-year-old Pittsfield boy whose abuse case was mishandled by social agencies.  Horner wishes he could say he won the Pulitzer, but he didn’t.

A few years ago his art career took an unexpected turn into photography, and he has taken countless pictures since then.  It’s not unusual for him to come back from shooting for his Swamp series, or with a model, with 400 to 800 photos.  The number sometimes mounts to 1,000 in a week.  Recently he has started painting again as well.

Horner and his wife, Barbara Clary Horner have three children and five grandchildren.  Their oldest child teaches 2nd grade in Pittsfield and her daughter is graduating from Pittsfield High School this June.  “It makes us feel like real Pittsfielders.”

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