Don Orcutt

Don Orcutt

Don Orcutt is a Berkshire County, Massachusetts native, working primarily in painting and sculpture. Orcutt’s work has been exhibited in the Berkshires, as well as some venues in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Majoring in fine art and psychology, his work reflects the human condition through symbolism, surrealistic satire, humor, and a bit of the dark side. “I have always had a fascination with the human psyche, and its relationship to science, deep space, and so on…”

Orcutt’s primary mediums are oils and acrylics on varied surfaces, as well as sculpture. “I love to experiment with texture, juxtapositions, and color, etc. Creating art is very therapeutic as well. It’s a form of medicine, if you will.”

Orcutt is currently working on a series of paintings with a theme that is based on the struggles of life, and how one grows from these struggles. Orcutt studied as a fine art major at Berkshire Community College and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. He currently resides in North Adams, MA.

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